Who is the best actor in The Event

Who is the best actress on The Event


My theories
- The non- terrestrials/ EBs, can portal themself at ther own will.
- Blake Sterling is hiding something big, not necessarily good or bad, just hiding something.
- Dempsey's organization wants Sean to test on him because he is a non- terrestrial/ EB.
- The non- terrestrials/ EBs, have search missions to different places in the universe, and Sophia just happened to land on earth.
- The reporter that president Martinez gave the info of the release on the detainees will emerge.
- The government is going to keep Simon in office to secretly get information from his phone calls.
- Sean is going to have problems with his laptop, Vicky's son's info goes viral, and he get caught by the cops for the murder he was framed for.
Contributed Theories
Ben R.
- The message decoding refers to the beginning of colonization. Sophia wanted to peacefully bring their people in, but Thomas wanted decisive action to bring them (Or possibly save them?).
- The reason the EB's age so slowly is because the are trying to prolong their generation's life span in order to survive on the colony ship.

Taylor S.
- In episode 15 (the episode that someone dies) Leila will die, because we hear that Sean has love problems.

-Thomas got the Satellite launched to send a signal to their home world. But another set of Aliens hear it and are wanting in on the Eartheaon action. We might have other species coming here because of the signal.
-Their own planet hears the satellite and are on their way to colonize here. Taking our youth & other traits for their own evolution.
-The main body of the aliens are in fact friendly, but some got corrupted by money and Eartheaon wealth, which they do not have on their home world, so they 'sell' the youth drug to the highest bidders-Ageing our kids for the 'elixir' (Sophia is P.O.-ed and there's an internal war among the aliens.)

This is what I have so far, if you have a good theory, or just a good idea, or even an editing mistake you caught, I would love to hear about it (and so would many other people), if you would like to appear on this page, send me as many theories, ideas, editing mistakes, etc... as you would like to, I love mail from fans. Send them to TheEventFanCentral@gmail.com.