Who is the best actor in The Event

Who is the best actress on The Event

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Event Fanbase Project Part 4- Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Portions were written by ChuckGasmic. So do him a favor and check out his site
Watch The Event on NBC.com and not on Hulu (if you can) if you are not a Nielsen viewer. (If you want to re watch it don't watch it off of your DVR (if not a Nielsen viewer) watch it on nbc.com.)  When Comcast acquired majority holdings in NBC, they had to give up controlling interest in Hulu.  That means NBC makes their online viewing ad money from NBC.com.  It may not be a lot of money, but when you watch it there, you do help offset some of the cost. You should also click on the ads that come up, and even contact them and thank them for sponsoring The Event.  This helps whether you are a Nielsen member or not.

Buy The Event apparel from the NBC store. It  gives them money, knowing that some people like The Event, and a small portion of advertising.

Make an account on RewardTV. This is a website owned by Nielsen to see how much viewers pay attention during a specific program. So watch The Event (even rewatch it), and take the quiz on Tuesdays only.

Please Comment if you have more ideas on how to save The Event. I still have a few more, but the more ideas, the better.

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