Who is the best actor in The Event

Who is the best actress on The Event

Monday, January 10, 2011

Why The Event is safer than you think

1. The Event was very expensive.

2. They are (in my opinion) in direct competition with The Cape, and The Cape premiered with 8.5 million compared to The Event's 11.25 million.

3. The Event will be getting better ratings due to lack of competition- Monday Night Football (not in the spring), no Dancing with the Stars, less competition overall.

4. There will be better show quality, because in the first Part of the season, they would be writing the next episode 4 weeks in advance, which isn't very much at all. Right now, they are writing episode 115, and we are are just less than 2 months left.

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  1. Those are a lot of reasons why I was sure FlashForward was going to make it last season. However, NBC doesn't really have much, so they might keep The Event. Hopefully they will keep it.

  2. That is another good reason. Thanks Maria!