Who is the best actor in The Event

Who is the best actress on The Event

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to Look Foreward to After the Hiatus (SPOILER ALERT)

This is just a quick look at what the writers and cast members have revealed.

Blair Underwood (President Martinez) has confirmed that the flashbacks are history. He also says that they will be using this part of the season to move the story plot foreword since we know the characters now.

Sean will be going through a major change. That can mean a lot, but he is not going to be Mr. Nice guy anymore and maybe some love problems. ?

Someone will die in episode 15.

Nick Wauters has revealed that much of the storyline for the show is based on the message Thomas has sent. First two words have been decoded and they are 'Preparations are'.

Virginia Madsen has joined the cast of the late senator's wife.

Post in the comments what you think about the flashbacks being thrown away.

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  1. Glad the flashbacks are going away. When they used them to tell story, -showing the President and his early meetings about the detainees, Jarvis getting into business with Dempsey, or the quick one showing Vicky saving the baby, they were ok because there was a purpose/questions answered. I didn't like the Sterling got played by a spy, Sean/Layla meet at the pool, or the Simon had to leave a girlfriend ones that were highly featured. They didn't tell me anything that I wanted to know.

    The tidbit about Sean is interesting. I have thought that he has been a spy the whole time for somebody. That he was assigned to Leila but then ended up having feelings for her. He also has good tech and fighting skills. But that probably isn't it, just a theory:)